Nunatak Capital for Startups

AI driven startups need to deal with a high level of complexity already at an early stage in order to test
their fundamental hypothesis about their solution, product and strategy. Our extensive data science
experience combined with our strong network of key industry players, business angels and other VC
funds enables us to quickly validate the startup and set up mutually beneficial collaborative working

  1. Data science expertise
    Our key competence in data science comes from strong scientific background of the Nunatak Capital
    team members and proven investment track record.
  2. Strong network of corporates and clients
    We advise to companies on data science solutions and strategies so we perfectly understand their
    needs. We jointly go to our network of companies and market with our startups to co-sell customers
    that have a problem that our startups can solve.
  3. Sector specific support provided by corporate investors
    As a data science partner to corporates we provide direct access to number of companies and clients.
    We work together with startups and corporates to create value to the clients so they can benefit
    directly from industry input to product development.
  4. Strong corporate and management competence pool
    We managed number of multilevel groups including some of the largest companies in CEE. Our
    management team members accomplished number of M&A deals exceeding 1 BEUR. We have in
    depth understanding of corporate governance and management issues thru the entire life cycle of
  5. Business Angels and VC Funds
    We are investing with business angels and other VC Funds to benefit from their smart money. From
    time to time, as data science experts, we participate in investments they are leading so being sector
    agnostic and data science specific we are valuable part of VC ecosystem

If you are looking for an investor, please send your investment deck and other supporting materials to