Nunatak Capital for Companies

We are data science partner supporting companies in value creation process through the data they have. We help teams to build data science driven strategies and solutions playing active role in implementation process.  Finally, we invest together with companies in startups in corporate venturing model.

  1. Data Science focus

Leveraging world-class AI expertise, industry experience and proprietary tools, we are actively supporting companies in spotting, analyzing and applying AI and data science solutions to build the unique strengths and expertise of their businesses. 

Our knowledge base of hundreds of AI use cases and trends, as well as tested tools for discovering relevant opportunities, help to significantly accelerate the adoption process.

Our scientists cover an unmatched breadth of fundamental AI research areas, including explainable AI (XAI), natural language processing (NLP), machine vision, time-series, operations research (OR) and more.

  1. Spotting the opportunities and value creation process

We are working with companies teams to identify how AI can help address the key challenges facing their business and how they can bring their business to the next level using data science driven tools. Together, we are finding the unique AI solutions or investments that balance creating value today with building capabilities. 

  1. We do build and implement AI tools to our clients 

We validate the story feasibility by a quick modelling implementation with available data. Outcomes of a successful concept can be a MVP or working demo that help you to show the concept to the stakeholders. (Proof of Concept) We integrate the MVPs into your systems and use online data or more data sources to validate the real benefits of the solutions to your business. We collect feedback from users and iteratively improve the model’s performance and the applications to meet your business requirement (Pilot) and We deploy the solutions into your daily business and scale up the solutions within entire your organization (Production).

  1. Venturing as a service 

Our team is assisting companies in the implementation of their corporate venture operations, from the definition of investment strategy to exits.

  1. Investment Partner

Our unique data science partnership model is accelerating number of opportunities that we are investing directly. We structure and manage entire investment process with internal team. We attract  other investors to participate in the investment once we find it attractive for the project.

If you want to turn your data into your strategic business asset, please contact us