Data science ON.

We believe that Data Science will change the World.

We support startups that share this belief.

Our story

A nunatak is a mountain that protrudes above a glacier, often completely isolated and surrounded by a permanent ice sheet. Nunataks and startups have much in common. Eager to solve a problem where the solution is not obvious and success is not guaranteed, startups disrupt the traditional way industries operate. They create innovations that shape our future.

This is the reason why we have decided to start Nunatak Capital – to support those who have the idea, strength and courage to break through the glacier.

Based in Warsaw, Nunatak Capital is an emerging growth stage Venture Capital Fund focused on Central and Eastern Europe. We will invest in innovative teams creating unique solutions backed by Data Science. Our goal will be to provide startups with smart money by connecting them with experienced investors, strategic partners and the academic world.

Investment strategy
Data Science driven companies
Venturing as a Service in Multi Corporate Venture Capital model
CEE with focus on Poland
Early growth and growth phase
Supportive and value-creating investment process

We support startups across various industries whose key competitive advantage is creating valuable insight based on advanced data analysis. The integrality of solutions, technological innovation and human capital are differentiation factors we value the most.

MCVC model gives both private and corporate investors the opportunity to benefit from professionally selected and managed VC investments. Our venturing platform creates a pool of strategic partners with expertise in various sectors and business areas helping startups to grow. By investing according to VC values we create a win-win situation for all parties

CEE based startups suffer from almost 19 times lower funding available compared to Western Europe. At the same time CEE is emerging as a significant data science hub of strong analytical and technical skills and innovative ideas. This creates a great business opportunity to bridge the gap and support CEE startups with funding at Series A level.

We invest in startups that proved product-market fit with first revenues traction that meets our risk profile and allows for effective allocation of investors` smart money.

Our smart money is focused on three main areas: data science competence, sector specific support and also strong corporate and management competence pool which are delivered over the lifetime of our investments. We create value for investors by selective and supportive investment process instead of a statistical approach which is typical for accelerators and seed funds.

Ventures we supported

Personalized learning environment with formative assessment powered by AI and didactic expertise.


The integration of a bank account and an accounting platform with AI solutions to get an automated cash management tool for SMEs.


An advanced Predictive Analytics technology which uses statistical techniques to predict future events based on historical data.


Business processes optimization tool based on data enrichment with time and location context.


Data driven 2-sided marketplace and a powerful SaaS sales engine for the 3D printing services market.

With 1.4 B students on Earth and only 65.2 M educators, students receive education created for masses which does not match their individual needs. AI system allows students both to learn at their own pace with materials suited to specific needs and also follow their own progress.

80% of accounting tasks will be automated. CashDirector solution not only supports this trend but also goes one step further with the vision to replace both the accountant and the CFO in SMEs.

Data Scientists are increasingly in demand with fast growing wages. Algolytics’ platform enables to build automated AI models which reduce demand pressure and make Data Science more available for enterprises.

Vizum enables ordinary factories to swiftly join the fourth industrial revolution by supplying light-weight tools and systems that provide analytics layer to factories’ existing resources. By minimizing the entry cost which, according to PwC, is the 3rd biggest factor slowing digitalization, Vizum wants to become the standard for the majority of factories.

Despite the forecasted 22% market CAGR 3D printing adoption is still largely affected by the high cost of services and materials. Printelize, the Amazon for 3D printing services, centralized the market and reduced information asymmetry. That brought the unnecessary high prices down and made it convenient to offer and buy additive manufacturing services for both professionals and amateurs.


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